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Osaka: Life and used furniture (Kobe)

Hi there,

I just got a job offer from a company in the heart of Osaka, so I will move there by March 1st.

I am looking for a good neighborhood with a good school, used furniture, used car and all that. My first question is: Where do I find Sayonara Sales or just used stuff in Kansai?

In addition, any tips or personal experience about particular schools? (My son speaks English and Japaense, so local or international schools would be of interest)
Where are neighborhoods that are safe and fun for kids? (Maybe the area between Mino and Senri?)
I'm currently in Tokyo. Any tips on how to find an apartment, including cheap places to stay for a couple of nights while touring the real estate agents?

I'd appreciate any pertinent information, particularly local information channels (craigslist doesn't have much for Osaka), precise links or personal experiences and recommendations.

Thanks a lot, everybody!

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