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  • Jonathan Brown

    The great events organized by InterNations helped me get to know Delhi expats from all over the world.

Living in Kochi

Namaskaaram and welcome to InterNations! Kochi, also known as Cochin or "The Queen of the Arabian Sea", is renowned for its diversity and international influences. Expats living in Kochi will benefit from one of the best healthcare systems in India but may struggle, at times, with the tropical monsoon climate. Luckily, Kochi houses an outstanding port and International airport, which makes it extremely easy for families and friends wanting to visit relocated expatriates or for expats to travel the world during vacation time. In order to meet like-minded people on a regular basis, however, it is helpful to have an intermediary. InterNations is a great way to make initial contact with people or families in Kochi and can be a starting point for new friendships. We provide a platform for communication, which promotes the exchange of topical information. You are able to share your advice and experience with others while asking your own questions to an audience best placed to answer them.

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Feb 24, 2024, 3:30 PM
79 attendees
For this event we are trying to go really wild!! We want to lock all our guests in an arena with 2 hungry wolves and see what the outcome is! On Saturday, 24th February 2024, 20:00 onwards InterNation
Feb 25, 2024, 3:30 AM
10 attendees
There is nothing quite like city lights and wondrous nights savoring the delights of the continent. Peshawari showcases the food resembling the traditional style of the Indian North-West Frontier regi
Prepare to set sail once again as InterNations Mumbai invites you to an enchanting catamaran sailing event on Sunday, 25th February. Join us for an evening filled with coastal wonders, newfound friend
Hey! I welcome you back to a Newcomers' Event this month. It’s looking just right for an evening spent outdoors. Would you please join me for a round of drinks and chit-chat? I’d love to meet as ma

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Moving to Kochi

Fort Kochi is a popular area for expats moving to Kochi, so there is a general atmosphere of understanding and cooperation between the residents there. Expatriates residing in Fort Kochi are more easily able to socialize and get in touch with people in a similar situation to them, but may also desire an online support network that helps them feel connected on a day-to-day basis. Joining InterNations gives members access to our Expat Magazine which provides guidance from experts on expatriation. You will be provided with useful tips on how to adjust to your new life and practical information on living abroad, such as insurance, finance, repatriation, culture shock and cross-cultural communication. Although Malayalam is the most widely spoken language in Kochi, English is an official language of the city and most Higher Education courses are taught exclusively in English. This immediately makes it easier for people thinking of relocating in regards to housing, work opportunities and general information about the city.

Working in Kochi

Kochi is often referred to as the commercial capital of Kerala due to its high level of trade and industrial activity. There are plenty of opportunities to find work in the commercial or tourism sectors for expats in Kochi. It is worth considering, however, that although English is a widely used language in India, you may find some difficulties working in Kochi’s commercial sector without any knowledge of Malayalam. As Kochi is a predominantly Indian city, you may also find working there somewhat isolating. Networking is essential in a situation such as this and InterNations is a handy forum for you to contact people who are in a similar situation. You are able to send messages to specific members or merely draw from situational information provided by current expatriates. Common working queries, such as those related to income, tax and general workplace problems connected to life and work abroad, may even be answered in our Expat Magazine.

  • Jonathan Brown

    The great events organized by InterNations helped me get to know Delhi expats from all over the world.

  • Sophie Poirier

    When I moved from Canada to Delhi, InterNations helped me connect with fellow Americans and feel more at home.

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