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Financial peace of mind as an expat in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

Many people move around the globe whether it be for work, relationship or just a change. As expats we are afforded more opportunities to secure our financial futures. Not many people realise the best way to utilise offshore savings and investments or know where to begin looking. There are simple solutions available to these issues available under different tax regimes where no income tax or capital gains tax is payable as an expat in Malaysia. Saving is considered to be a luxury but if disposable income is available it should be made to work for you. I can offer expert advice if you are interested in looking at tax efficient savings in highly regulated offshore jurisdictions with Government Protection Schemes in place. I only advise on ring fenced investments for protection and peace of mind. I look forward to hearing from anyone wishing to understand more about setting in place there financial futures. Or market talk in general.

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