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General help! (Kuwait City)

Hi guys,
My wife and I have just been offered positions to teach at BSK and KES which we are almost certain to take. We have 2 young children (8 and 6) and have been looking into the various things we like to do, but just want to check things.............
1) Are there any decent gymnastics clubs? Both our children do gym and our boy is getting quite good, so the standard/quality of club, coaches and equipment needs to be pretty good
2) Kuwait Saracens looks like the better rugby club for minis - is that right?
3) Are there any (field) hockey clubs? If so, do they cater for all ages?
4) How much can we expect to spend on a car (SUV type) - either renting or purchasing?
5) One for the UK expats - how are we able to "keep" any savings without paying tax in the UK as/when/if we return?
..... and finally - can we have an honest, defintive answer on "normal" cost of living - we won't eat out much (we don't here in the UK), but would need internet and satellite TV?
I know there is a lot to take in here, but we want to be prepared.
Thanks a lot in anticipation of any answers,

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