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Antoine Mariaux

Living in Kuwait, from France

"With InterNations it was easy to find the right school for our kids after they joined me in Kuwait."

Patricia Quade

Living in Kuwait, from USA

"I found some amazing people on InterNations, and now I enjoy helping other newcomers in Kuwait."

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Welcome to Our Expat Community in Kuwait!

Whether you’re in the early stages of considering a move to Kuwait, or have been living there for a while, there’s a great deal to be gained from the InterNations community. With InterNations, you've found your home away from home and can get the support you need both before and after your move. Unsure about procedures relating to applying for a work visa? Concerned about safety or inadvertently breaking unfamiliar regulations? Or just want to meet other expats and have some fun? The InterNations network can help with all these issues and many more! You’ll encounter lots of helpful and friendly expats in Kuwait as well as in-depth articles on living and working in the country — a good way to find answers to all of your questions.

Joining the community is a great way to avoid common pitfalls which the innocent newcomer could encounter. And if you’re hoping to make new friends, you won’t be disappointed, as InterNations gives you the opportunity to join like-minded people in a range of local groups.

Next to Kuwait we host several more communities in Middle East & Central Asia, e.g., our network of Malaysia Expat. Or you might be interested in our Expats France community which is also fairly active.

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Learn More about Being an Expat in Kuwait

The capital of Kuwait is Kuwait City, and many expats are based there, often working in the oil industry. Beyond the city is desert, which explains why virtually everyone lives there or in another city. The amazingly tall skyscrapers and array of colored lights reflecting on the sea at night can’t fail to make an impression on even the most seasoned traveler. During your time in the country, you’ll see stunning feats of architecture, experience exotic new foods and discover a totally different culture, with its own festivals, such as the National Day (on 25 February) and Ramadan celebrations. If you haven’t already been, you’ll want to experience a souq (market) and if you like museums, the Tareq Majab ethnographic museum and the Scientific Center are just two of many. Expats in Kuwait usually enjoy a very high living standard, with a good salary, little or no tax to pay, and access to excellent healthcare and other public facilities. That said, expats in our community enjoy the reassurance that comes with the support of a large group of fellow expats who can offer advice on any topic relating to life overseas, including how to access healthcare, where to find an international school, how to get a good cleaner, and how to help a spouse join you in the country, and find work there.

Interested to take a world tour? Then have a look at our chapter for Expats Qatar to receive an impression of InterNations worldwide. Or you could take a peek at our community for Bahrain Expat instead!

The Place to Meet Friendly Expatriates in Kuwait

Kuwait is very much a country of expats, as about 69% of the population come from abroad. This makes it a great place to make friends from around the world, as well as, most likely, some from your home country, for those moments when you want to feel the ease and predictability of back home. InterNations regularly organizes prestigious large social events for expat networking, and also facilitates smaller local interest-based groups. Bit of a bookworm? The InterNations Kuwait City Book Club Group could be just the ticket. More of a sporty type? Why not try the City Sports and Adventures Group? Or are you something of a culture-vulture? The Kuwait City Arts & Culture Group could be an ideal way to visit some fantastic places and meet some lovely people all at once. Fancy speeding up your acquisition of Arabic, the mother tongue of most Kuwaitis, and getting to know some welcoming locals? The Kuwait City Culture Exchange Group is for you. Living in a new country almost always throws up some challenges. If you're concerned about dealing with the extremely hot summers, unsure how to find accommodation, or confused by common Arabic expressions, there’s no need to keep your worries and questions to yourself. InterNations monitors its forums and communities and ensures that everyone is polite and helpful. There’s a great sense of solidarity and a problem shared is a problem halved! So why not start exploring the Kuwait Community straight away? You’ll be amazed at how much there is to discover.

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