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Job offer in Kuwait (Kuwait City)

I've received what appears to be a good offer and package for a teaching post in Kuwait. However, up to date information about the school and other aspects of living in Kuwait seem a bit hard to come by.

I have a few specific questions:

1. Can anyone give me any information on the Kuwait National English School? I've been to the website and read around a bit, but would like to hear something up to date and not from the school itself.

2. I have 3 cats and would probably want to bring them with me. Any ideas on the importation regulations and procedures for Kuwait? (I'm coming from Cairo)

3. Excluding accommodation costs, can anyone give me a reasonable idea of the cost of living in Kuwait? I'd welcome any and all input here, as this is a critical issue in acceptoing/refusing the offer. I don't mind a quiet life, but want to be able to afford o go out a couple of times a week, have ADSL and satellite etc.

Thanks a lot and Happy New Year to you all


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