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KUWAIT INTERNATIONAL REGATTA Isaf international sailing federation announcement
is inviting all those interested to attend or Compete.
Fleet racing Open Laser Radial
Fleet racing Open Optimist
Start Date Protected content 2012
End Date Protected content 2012
Venue Salmiya
Country Kuwait
please contact: Mohammed Salaam. at the email below
Entry Name Protected content Committee
Entry Address Kuwait Sea Sport Club
PO Box Protected content
Safat - Protected content
Tel Protected content
Fax Protected content
Email Protected content
Website Protected content
working to get some sailing awareness for Kuwait .. if you know of
anyone interested ...forward this link...
Protected content

working to get some sailing awareness for Kuwait .. if you know of
anyone interested ...forward this link....

Protected content this is not to much to ask from all you readers . I am
starting a grassroots campaign to get people interested in Kuwait ,
Ahmad Al Failakawi, Supervisor Committee, and laser sailor who is at
the helm,at the sea sports club, for sailing. for the last three
months. and is working to change things here with the policy since
there has not been much spending on the Sailing program, and they will
not accept outside, funding...
So it is my intention to get as much global attention to Kuwait in
hopes it will force the hand of the ministry to free up funds to host
events, and put more money into the sailing program....should they
perceive interest from outside of Kuwait.
By now my announcement has hit your feed and emails on Facebook,
google + , and the other various sites i am promoting this event on.,
about the Kuwait international regatta.
I know Kuwait is a small country, the people have allot of heart,
and it would be a shame to see a program not get developed, whereas
the youth of Kuwait, have another Outlet...this is the reason I have
sought-out sailing and yachting professionals around the world to get
the industry to help point the sailing program to the right direction.
Please, pass the info along to those in you network so we can have
a regatta that the Kuwait people will never forget. this regatta may
be the opportunity for some world class sailors, to come here and
compete, since we are trying to market the event, to catch the Eye of
potential sailing sport sponsors in the region, and a good turnout
would really make things happen , since the event has been billed as
Small, a large turn out would get the Organization/ministry to take
notice and perhaps to be able to Host a worlds event in the future.
So any feed back would be helpful, as long as people contact them for
inquiries... that Should get the sea sports club to Put more money
into the Sailing programs here, that there would be ranked Sailors
from Kuwait to sail in the Olympics...

Best regards;
john G Hermanson..
Yachting in Kuwait

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