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Kuwait is a beautiful country..... (Kuwait City)


As a place to live, I love the fact that I wake up in the morning to clear blue skies...okay..last week it brought back memories of the UK with the grey sky and clouds but hey...once in a while is no great thing to moan about. I love my apartment and my furball cat....he is a furball...but a cuddly one at that.

I have met a few nice people who I am priviledged to call 'friends' to make me realise that my time here is best spent not trying anymore. Making or finding friends here is hard work and in reality it shouldn't be because everyone is here for the same reason/ live life as best or as fortunate as you can. In my book folks no-one is better than any one matter your job, the car you drive, the money you have etc etc etc etc...we all eat, sleep, c**p and f**t the people really owt to get over themselves.

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