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Kuwait traffic (Kuwait City)

Who really is responsible for the traffic in Kuwait?
Very often I hear "oh, these Kuwaitis, look at how they are behaving in traffic". But is that really it? Sure, if you look at the percentage of high class cars - certainly not owned by small income earners from other third world countries - taking a slalom course through heavy traffic, it is easy to claim this habit on Kuwaitis. But then there are these other cars, like 10 year old 7-series BMWs or Prados from yesteryear, that seem to do even worse. Taken from population statistics that only one in three people in the State of Kuwait is a Kuwaiti citizen, doesn't the same rule apply to people involved in traffic? Might I have seen cedar-clad stickers or Nile-eagle bearing little flags in these cars, the drivers of which are just exploiting the fact that there seem to be no rules on these roads? Is it true that those successful in business just take advantage of comparable situations in other parts of life?
So who is really responsible for these traffic situations making Kuwaits raods some of the most deadly in the world?

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