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Life in KOWEIT??? (Kuwait City)

Hello! Bonjour!Ciao!

I really hope that this time i have found the "right" forum for sharing!
It's very difficult to find an "active" forum (most posts have no answers or there date back several years!)

I would need to receive asap your informations / advices / details of life in Kuwait.
I just got a proposal for a position based in the center of Kuwait (a job that I had refused it already a few months ago...) and I'm a little scared with the idea of ​​living in this country ...

The rent seems very expensive. I already had a look on the web, and the price for a full furnished in a recent building (with pool ...) in the Salmiya area and are very very expensive ...
The company offers me housing assistance for only 300KWD monthly, but I saw nothing below 650/750 KDW.
To move into the city is mainly by taxi (apparently you have always to negotiate it first!) seems very painful and at the end of the month probably expensive too?
I do not intend to take a car, it seems that driving is dangerous, including the stress of traffic ... (to go to work a shuttle is provided ...)
That is why I will wish to live in the center close to all the amenities within walking distance ... (beach / Shops ...)
I heard that the"suitable" restaurants are not cheap eithe ...
Recreation is very very limited (no bar / alcool / nightclub ...) must move to Dubai to find all these...

So, I would like to know roughly what minimum salary you need to have to live well in that city ... (without having to spend it all to live!)

If you are single and childless, what do you do to entertain yourself ???
How do you "socialize?" Is the contact Easy? Is it true that men do not mix with women? (Even between expats?)

I'm interested in any facts that would convince me to accept this position in Kuwait and perhaps have the pleasure to meet you soon!

I hope to read you soon ...: D

Please feel free to contact me in French/Italian/English

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