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Offered a job in Kuwait (Kuwait City)


Hey everyone!

I've been offered a job in Kuwait and hoping you guys can help with a few questions I have prior to making my decision. I'm really excited about the opportunity to move there, so really hoping I can make it work.

To give you some background, I'm an Irish guy in my 30's who's been living in Sydney for 4 years and currently living with my Australian girlfriend. If it all works out we would be hoping to move to Kuwait around June this year. It would be a Protected content commitment and my main concern is that she would have to put her career on hold to allow me to pursue mine.

I guess my main questions are as follows:

- As we are not yet married, is there anyway for her to be sponsored on my visa? (research so far suggests not, but worth checking if there's any options)

- If we were to get married prior to moving out and she was sponsored on my visa, how realistic is it that she could secure a decent job as a non-Arabic speaking/non-Kuwaiti? She works in HR/Management consultancy.

- Finally, she is of Filipino descent, but born and raised in Australia. I don't always trust what the international media reports, but I have read that Filipinos can experience racist treatment at times in Kuwait. I would be interested to hear from those of you currently in Kuwait if this is something to be concerned about if we are to be living there .

Thanks in advance!

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