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Q8Realtor - WARNING (Kuwait City)

Watch out for this company, they rob you. Despite my contract clearly saying they were responsible for wear and tear they charged me for it. When I objected the kept all my deposit. And this happening a few days before I was leaving the country.
They've told me the contract wording in Arabic says they can keep it, that was a lie, I had it translated at work.
They told me I had to provide my civil ID (after I'd left the country)
They told me they could only pay it into a Kuwait Bank Account, again after I'd left the country.
They did everything they could to avoid paying me my money
They never returned a call or email
One of the staff even told me they do the same to to their own staff..
Eventually I got some of my deposit back, but they kept 125KD wear and tear, despite it was not in the contract.
Most of the alleged wear and tear was for furnishing in a worn condition when I moved in. During my time there I repaired their broken draws, door, extractor fan and put up with doors being permanantly closed, repeated power cuts, water leaks. i should have complained more but it usually fell on deaf ears. The building staff were fine. Its the management that are crooks
Keep clear of this bunch of thieves

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