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US Teacher Visa Questions (Kuwait City)

Hi -
I am taking a teaching position in Q8 and going through the authentication process, but my employer's instructions are a little confusing and I can't seem to get in touch with anybody at the Kuwait Embassy in DC to help me. Maybe one of you have been through the process and can advise?? Here's what I have right now:

Apostilled and Authenticated Diploma from US State Dept. (Signed by Sec. John Kerry...)
FBI Criminal Background Check
Degree Verified by Degree Clearinghouse

So, according to my employer, I need to go a step further, and send the Diploma and Verified Degree Document to the Kuwait Embassy for their Authentication. But then I read another document from the Embassy that I need to send additional stuff as well??!?!

Help me if you can! I don't want to waste time or $$ to get this wrapped up!

Thanks in advance -

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