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Skydiving in Ukraine (Kyiv)

Hi there! I'm a skydiver, and I've just decided to share the information I have with whose who are interested in trying it. I just still remember the feeling - when you want to just with parachute but have no idea where to start. Well, I can tell you:)

I especially want to share the information here because for people visiting Ukraine this is also a good opportunity to try it cheaper than almost anywhere else. I mean, the best method to do it is a tandem jump - when you jump being attached to an experienced instructor. You get all the feelings but it's absolutely safe. Average price of a tandem throughout the world is about $ Protected content Euro Protected content more. In Ukraine this season it's about $ Protected content at the dropzone I usually jump) - while the quality and everything is the same. In some places it may be even a bit cheaper - mostly because they jump from a lower altitude.

So, what should you do to finally do this?:) First choose a place you want to jump. There are 2 regularly working dropzones near Kyiv Protected content not so regularly yet, +1 closer to Chernihiv), 1 near Kharkiv, 1 near Dnipro (maybe the best in the country) - and a few more in other places of Ukraine. I can help you find contacts of any of them. Then choose a day you want to jump and contact the place to register. Then just go to the dropzone and do it:) You'll need just a few hours: first there will be a short instruction on the ground, and then the jump itself.

If you like it, you can go on - take a course of AFF (accelerated freefall program) and become a licensed skydiver able to jump anywhere in the world.

Have questions? I'll be glad to reply:)

Ready to jump? I can even take you with me at my home dz next time:)

Disclaimer: I'm not a professional skydiver, I do not make money on it - only spend:) So this is not an ad, just sharing information for good:)

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