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Distributors for Bolivia for Sin Fumar (SNUS) (La Paz)

We are looking for professional entrepreneurial people in Bolivia to distribute the world’s most efficient “No Smoking product”, SNUS. 23% of all Swedish people use it every day, (15% smokes) In Sweden they have only 1/3 portion of lung cancer and mouth cancer compared to other European countries because of that. Investigations state that it is 2.5 times more efficient for quit smoking than Nicotine chewing gum. Because it is still a tobacco product, people find it very easy to switch from cigarettes to Sin Fumar. Read more at our web page Protected content where you also can see a video from the famous CBS program “60 Minutes,” where they explain the health advantages people achieve. The product is made in Europe and fulfills the product standards from the strict Swedish Health & Quality requirements.
Income for the distributors ? Think about how much the tobacco industry have made in the past. Our newly started distributors in Europe confirm these high income expectations. If you are interested, or you know people that could be interested, please contact us for more information.

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