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High Covid Test costs in Nigeria (Lagos)

The Covid RT-PCR Test cost in Mumbai, India is INR 850/- if you visit the Lab, and INR 980/- if the lab technician does sample collection at home. So around Naira 5K. But in Nigeria they are charging 50K for RT-PCR Test. Now heard about another rapid antigen Test within 4 hours of departure that has been informed by one Middle east Carrier, costing another Naira 36K.

I understand that some of the employers / companies are paying, so some don't have to worry. But most expats have to pay on their own. The same for entering Nigeria.

Such high testing costs are not fair or affordable. The airfares are already very high and then the cost of these tests. Maybe the airlines should absorb the major portion of cost of these tests and charge only a nominal fees to passenger.

Covid is a virus and we should have necessary tests and safety measures, but it should not become the reason for making money easily.

How can we request the government of Nigeria / Lagos to put a cap of say around Naira 10K on this, so Testing labs cannot charge more than this amount.

Thanks for your time and response.

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