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Paul Zimmerer

Living in Lagos, from Germany

"InterNations is a fantastic community for expats and a must for anyone preparing to move abroad. I recommend it to all my fellow Germans overseas."

Stella Munúa

Living in Lagos, from Uruguay

"This site is just what I was looking for when I moved to Lagos. Thanks for all the advice and support that helped us to settle in Nigeria."

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Meet Our Friendly Expat Community in Lagos!

Ę n lę, hello, ilo la, lafia lau, and a warm welcome to the InterNations Community for expats in Lagos! As the Lagos expat community continues to grow, InterNations and its members are here to help you settle in. Whether you've already received a job offer or you're looking to make the most of Lagos' wealth prospects, you can gain access to a bank of questions that'll make your transition easier. While there is no denying that Lagos' infrastructure varies wildly to that of many other cities worldwide, you can soon find a neighborhood that is ideal for expat living. For example, Yaba and Ikeja on the Lagos mainland are perfect for expats seeking a safe way of life. Once you've gained some experience yourself, help other newcomers to the InterNations Lagos Community and pass on the knowledge..

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What to Expect From Life in Lagos

The landscape in Lagos offers expats a blend of cosmopolitan skylines and traditionally African local markets. While Lagos expats need to have their wits about them if they want to stay safe, the city is constantly under development and growing more secure each day. Opportunities to eat out are vast, including sushi in Izanagi and excellent views at La Veranda. While you may find that Lagos' real estate market is difficult to navigate from outside the country, you'll also gain access to excellent working opportunities. Those who want to make their riches from the oil sector can do so, as well as in the banking, telecommunications, and manufacturing sectors. Once you've secured your job, look towards hospitals like Paelon Memorial Clinic for excellent healthcare and schools like Avi Cenna International School for a first-rate education.

Make Friends and Build Your Network in Lagos with InterNations!

InterNations is a social network for and of expatriates in Lagos and worldwide who are here to make your transition into Nigerian life easier! While engaging with our community, remaining polite and respectful will go a long way and membership is by approval only. As a result, you can be assured you are interacting in a safe and secure environment that's always welcoming.

Chatting to fellow members of the InterNations Lagos Community gives you a unique opportunity to learn the ropes from people who have already experienced your journey. Finding out about education, healthcare, and security from those who have made the adjustment themselves is an invaluable asset. In addition, you can attend regular InterNations Official Events as well as member-organized activities in Lagos to make new friends, network professionally, pursue your hobbies, and learn to love Lagos.

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