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Making New Friends Quickly (Lagos)

One of the things that always cross my mind when traveling to a new country and place is.'how do i enjoy myself without any good friends' not just friends but GOOD friends... and that always got me thinking and prod me to act, i start by coming online to a forum like this.. yes, InterNations is a great place... before the travel date, i try to chat some people up who are based in the location am heading to, get to know them and their interest and size them up to know if i can be able to get along with them so that when i get to the place, i won't be bored easily... So to all traveling or having in mind to visit Lagos, try to make friends before you come not after you have landed, enter the events section, hook up with some events and attend them, it is really a great place to meet people and also go to hangouts, pool parties etc if you have the chance. Lagos is a nice place to be and it can never be boring.

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