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NIGERIA: National Conference Or Change Of Thought? (Lagos)

Answer: Both but Change Of Thought, is the senior brother. Conference to define key issues for Nigeria to move faster. Conference to shout people's limits for accountability. Conference for all to sit down and agree that we are brothers and sisters in order to give birth to a better Nigeria. Conference for this, conference for that: ALL, CORRECT. But how does it work with the present machines in our skulls? We don't want to accept that we all own Nigeria despite fine grammar. We don't want to accept that we share part of the blames we sing daily when we condemn politicians. We don't want to say no to even micro tribalism in our regions and speak one word. We don't want to pay correct taxes before blaming politicians for corruption, the way many did in some countries and saw positive results. We don't want to.....endless. Nothing works if Mr. Change Of Thought continues his long vacation.

Lagos Forum