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Previous 'Oktober Fest" discussion, more general (Lagos)

Hi All,

As mentioned in the previous thread, I discussed some idea's with the team of Intercontinental Hotel, and we have some good options that I want to run by you (to measure 'water temperature' before :-))

>>>> options for November:
1 (belated) oktober-fest with music, German beer, decoration and (good german) snacks like pretzels, saurkraut and Wurst)
2 another themed party for ca 75 people, combined with music and food (dinner or snacks?)

As I will be around in December/January (not flying home), I can imagine there are more of us that want some enjoyment, instead of sitting home-alone.... :-)

>>>> For the Christmas period:
As not all of us will be going home the idea is to do a Gala Christmas Party/Dinner
and than PROPER Gala dinner :-)

>>>> For New Year:
What Ideas do YOU have?

any thoughts?


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