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Saving Money in Nigeria (Lagos)


Although the prospect of earning a salary in Nigeria in excess of USD 100,000 a year might seem a mouthwatering opportunity for expats, you must realize that this windfall will not necessarily translate into big savings. While the cost of living in Nigeria, for items like food, drinks, petrol and cigarettes is quite cheap, the respective costs of secure (gated community) accommodation in Nigeria, comprehensive health insurance, private transport, international schooling and electricity can be shocking; and expats will need to negotiate carefully with their prospective employers when discussing their salary expectations.

If you are looking to save money in Nigeria, ensure that at least some provision is made in your contract to cover your accommodation, health insurance, transport and – if applicable – child's schooling costs. Although it's becoming less and less of an acceptable card to play when negotiating expat contracts, Nigeria is certainly a bit of a 'hardship destination', and you should be compensated accordingly.

Welcome to Nigeria and be blessed.


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