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Treatment with passengers at Lagos Intl Airport


I arrived in Lagos last night and to my surprise I was harassed at every check point. Starting with Ebola Screening where temperature was normal 36 deg F and still I was asked to stop and i was told if i don't "please" them i will not be allowed to go. I gave $5 and move ahead.
Next was Immigration where the officer was happy to greet and asked what do i have for him today without opening my passport and looking at visa, again $5 was his pleasure fee.
Next was getting trolley for luggage and i had no local currency and the customs were not ready to let me go out and exchange the USD somehow i managed and asked an Indian passenger to lend me Protected content and get trolley.
Customs officer again stopped me and told me he will open the bags and i was ready for it but then he said why you want to waste your time, better give us some gift and go ahead again $5 gone.
It was so disappointing and dangerous, one can smuggle in anything of his choice i feel. I don't know how it's going to be when i exit the country.

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