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URGENTLY NEEDED- Dog Sitter (Lagos)

Please, I urgently need someone to assist me with looking after my dog for the next two weeks starting from this Thursday 18th December. Previous arrangements have just fallen through & I’m hoping I can quickly sort something out before I have to travel on Friday. I’m happy to pay for his care and will provide all the things he will need while I’m away- food, leash, toys, food bowls, wipes etc.

My dog is a small 5 year old male mix-breed (half Lhasa apso, half shih tzu). He’s very friendly, affectionate & calm. He stays inside the house and usually prefers to sleep on tiled floors where he can keep cool. He is very house broken & always indicates when he needs to go outside to use the bathroom by sitting by the door. He eats twice a day & gets along well with children & other dogs. He's not been neutered but he is up to date with all his immunisations & deworming. I’ve got his medical card which shows this.

Please I would really appreciate your feedback regarding a responsible individual (or a vet/clinic) that can help look after my dog on such short notice. The dates for his care are from Thursday 18th Dec to Sunday 4th January.

Thank you all in advance for your help!


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