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Eye Contact Experiment 2016 - Lausanne

Saturday 29th October
10: Protected content
Place St. Francois

„What happened to the human connection in the world?“

This was the question that led to the start of an experiment in October Protected content which people all over the world have participated:

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The „Eye-Contact-Experiment“ was created by the Australian group „The Liberators“, who create experiments that seek to bring people closer together or to find common joy.

Eye-Contact means, you sit in front of another person, whom you often don’t even know, and look that person in their eyes. That’s all. It’s that simple, yet it can achieve so much.

Just try it and you will understand. Some things, you just have to do, not read, not speak, just do.

Did we spark your interest?

Let's share a minute eye contact with strangers in public to rebuild our sense of shared humanity in cities all over the world! Last year we involved over 100,000 people from over Protected content cities.

The concept is simple,

1. We will have clear signs that say “Where has the human connection gone? Share 1 minute of eye contact to find out…” (Watch the video pinned to the top of this page to see how it happened last year).

2. Then we sit down on picnic rugs with 2x cushions each and invite members of the public to come and share a moment of eye contact with us in cities all over the world.

3. Allow yourself to be seen & calmly look into the eyes of the other person in front of you. When you create a safe environment of acceptance and love, the other will feel connected.

4. Officially Register & Contribute to the Event

Your contribution helps build a better world. By joining the global family of peacemakers you sustain a revolution of worldwide events that promote peace & human connection. Register & contribute here for important event updates → Protected content

Participating cities:
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Search Facebook for "The World's Biggest Eye Contact Experiment Protected content for more details.

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