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Blood donation in Peru. Networking (Im an O Neg). (Lima)

In peru it is important that we have a network of healthy friends to receive blood from in the unlikely event we need it. As an O negative, I can only have blood from another O negative person. If you are not sure about your blood group, get it tested.

If you are healthy and have a healthy lifestyle and are O neg, Id like to add you to my potential donor network in case one of us needs blood. I am very healthy having been tested for everything regularly and because of my job (nurse).
and I am married and do not sleep around so I do not have a risky lifestyle at all.

This is a simple summary of who can have what blood:

A+ can have A+ A neg, O+ and O neg.
B+ can have B+ B neg O+ and O neg.
AB+ can have A B AB and O Pos and neg.
O pos can have O+ and neg.
O neg can ONLY have O neg.

If you get the wrong blood, your antibodies will destroy the new blood and probably kill you in the process.

If you are neg, you can only have neg blood. If you are positive you can have pos or neg in your own blood type and O (O is a universal donor).
If you want more information, PM me.

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