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A possible move to Ljubljana


Hello all.

My wife and I are thinking to relocate. A possible job for myself is on the horizon. We have only spent 3 weeks in Slovenia in the past so there are still plenty on unknowns.

Neither myself or my wife speak a word of Slovenian. I myself would be sorted with work but my concern lies with my wife. Not speaking Slovenian obviously can be an issue. She is in a transition period and considering a full on career change as a developer, so if that were to pan out language is not such a problem, possibly working remotely or for bigger company where English is used.

I think my concern is fitting into the culture, and how everything outside of the job ( where I would be ok in English) would then be. Learning Slovenian is always possible but realistically will take some time.

Our move would happen from Finland, so quite a culture change and we do welcome warmer climates and the lovely warm people of Slovenia. Really have been inpressed with Slovenia as a whole.

I think I would like to know maybe the top 5 negative things about moving to a place like Ljubljana.
Lots to think about and would appreciate some info from someone who has spent some time there now.

Thanks many!


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