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HELP! Do you like good food? (London)

I was wondering whether anyone would be interested in organising a dinner club with me? I'm a huge food enthusiast and I think it would be a great social opportunity for people to connect and meet different people....and the worse case scenario for the evenings will be that we actually taste some great food from around the world in London!

Ideally we would get people from their own nationalities actually hosting the respective dinners - so for example if we have an Italian or Russian dinner evening - it is selected and organised by an Italian and Russian. This way at least we know the food will be typical of the national cuisine and will be tasty!

Frequency & start date: Nana has already organised a dinner on 8 August. But I'm thinking of starting this club in September when everyone is back from vacation etc. This would then be a regular monthly event in London.
Size of club: as many food enthusiasts as possible!

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