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INSEAD Event: Responding to the crises in Myanmar and China (July 3rd) (London)

Dear all - the INSEAD Social Innovation alumni group in the
UK has been developing a number of events focused on raising
awareness/education, connecting individuals and prompting action in the
field of social responsibility. Please find the details of our next event below.

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*Responding to the crises in Myanmar ( Burma ) and China : lessons from
disaster relief operations*

3rd July Protected content

The recent events in Myanmar and China once again underline that providing
disaster relief is an unpredictable and complicated business. The right
decisions made at the right time can save thousands of lives, but who makes
those decisions and what are the first priorities?

Our event looks into what NGOs actually do in response to major disasters
and how they mobilise to bring aid and relief. What is particularly
difficult in the cases of Myanmar and China ? What lessons can other
organisations learn from NGOs' experiences? How do corporations get
involved? How would *you* prioritise your limited resources? And how would
you ensure that the right decisions are made and support is mustered while
time is pressing and information is scarce?

The panel for this evening will consist of executive and academic experts
who will share with you their on-the-ground experience on how those
difficult decisions are made:

Rolando Tomasini - Research Programme Manager at the INSEAD Social
Innovation Centre's Humanitarian Research Group;

Claire Hitchcock - International Director of Community Partnership
at GlaxoSmithKline;

George Fenton - Associate Director of Supply Chain and Emergency
Affairs at World Vision;

Martijn Blansjaar - Head of Logistics and Supply at Oxfam's
International Humanitarian Department

Registration and refreshments: 6.30

Start: Protected content

Close: 9.00

Venue: Deloitte & Touche LLP
2 New Street Square
London EC4A 3BZ

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