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Job offer from Lugano / Salary okay?

Hello everyone!
I have a job offer from Lugano and I am flying over to Lugano next Friday to meet the employer. I am wondering if the salary offered is okay and if I could have a similar life to my current one in Cologne, Germany. My employer will provide me with a flat, I do not have to pay for rent, electricity, water, internet and other costs occurring. I will further get a monthly food allowance of 660CHF. My net salary after all taxes, social insurance and so on will be Protected content .

So I would basically have Protected content disposable income plus the 660CHF food allowance. I don't have travel costs, as the flat is right next to my job. I can't drive, so will rely on public transport.

Part of my job is it to travel with my employer to Milan for roughly half of my working week. My idea is to buy all food in Italy as well as the other things I need e.g clothes, toiletries etc. and then to claim back the VAT.

Is this a good job offer and will I be able to save some money?

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