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Lugano Addio

Dear InterNationals Friends of Lugano,
on 6 of January Protected content will start my new job in an other hospital, in an other city, in an other canton of SWitzerland, speaking a new language.
The Life is going on, a chapter is finished and a new chapter is opening, a new adventure is starting again.
I thanks everyone who gave me her/his friendship and affection and shared the spirit of InterNations.
Tonight I will be at the last event of the Protected content the La Perla Lounge and I hope to see u all to great u all and exchange Christmas and New Year greetings.
A big special THANKS to my friend Maria-José Horstkamp, the amazing Ambassador of InterNations Lugano.
Don't worry, Friends, we will keep always in contact and as soon as I can I will come back to the Lugano events, or we will meet again around the world on InterNations.
InterNationally yrs,

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