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Wed Jan 25th -The Real Problem of Climate Change (Lugano)

I thought some of you might be interested in this talk with MITs John Sterman at USI on Wed night. See details on the website.

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The Real Problem of Climate Change: System thinking for climate policy. John Sterman MIT Sloan School of Management.

Wednesday, 25 January

USI Auditorium
Scientific understanding of climate change has never been stronger, but public understanding is falling, and the nations of the world cannot, so far, agree on action to reduce the risks. Why, and what can be done? The problem is not imperfect scientific understanding of the climate but a failure of systems thinking throughout society, including scientists, policymakers, the media and the public at large. This isn’t just another talk about climate change, but a talk about how we think and learn about complex issues like the climate. To illustrate, I’ll present simulations that provide people with the ability to discover, for themselves, the complex dynamics of the climate and the likely consequences of proposals to cut greenhouse gas emissions, models now being used in education, by business leaders, and by senior policymakers in the US, China and other nations.

Lugano Forum