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A film list, the essential of the french "culture" (Lyon)

After a discussion at the reine Astrid (warwik), i decided to give some advices to the new comers about the movies you have to see when you arrive in France, if you want to be adopted, very quickly, by the french local community!!

- first, you have a serie of movies where the dialogues are fundamental and very funny and they make you think of what life is, or french's not only funny!
one movie on the top "les tontons flingueurs" with ventura, blier, blanche...very famous actors of the 60 and 70's you have to enjoy the dialogues more than the situations because you have a man who wrote dialogues of a plenty of very good movies
(michel audiard), you also have,"cent mille dollars au soleil" with belmondo, ventura..." un taxi pour tobrouck", ventura "un singe en hiver"belmondo and Jean gabin and few others always very good.
pay attention, to appreciate this kind of movies you need a quite good level of french and know a little bit the history of our country because there is always a cultural or an historical reference in the dialogues
-The second serie
is with" the splendid team" a group of actors who made a lot of movies in the last 30 years, you have to watch first, "les bronzés", a satire of the Club Med with the new richs,the second part "Les bronzés font du ski" more first degree with the same characters and the last one is maybe not as good as the precedents.
with the same actors you absolutly have to watch "papy fait de la résistance" et le pére Noel est une ordure" every french knows the dialogues.
It's almost the same with the horror Picture show in the USA!

the last advice is a Billy Wilder's film very funny, it's a caricature of americans, germans, russians....about the stereotypes we have about eachothers during the Cold War
if you have questions or reflexions you can send me a message

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