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Banks in France (Lyon)


Hi everyone,

I saw a posting for international bank accounts and would like to ask a similar question especially for France.

I am just looking for a bank account in France, as I seemingly need one for a contract for a French mobile phone.

As I have a company in Belgium and Family in Germany, I need easy bank transfer via internet to other European countries. What I found out now, is that some banks operate more national than international and some are quite expensive for the bank transfers.

I was thinking of staying with ING via Internet (I have an account in Brussels), as they offer a virtual bank account for France. But as far as I understood, you also need an additional classic account at a bank with "cheques".

Banks like Caisse d'Epargne don't even have international transfer via Internet, so I am looking for something more international.
The only one I found is the BNP, where I am just negociating if they would give me a few free first months for my professional account.

I am located closer to Chambéry (Lyon would be too far to pass regulary), so the choice is limited anyway, but maybe you have some ideas?

Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend

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