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Bilingual schools Lyon - Quality of English/French


we'll be moving from the US to Lyon soon with our 2 kids (7 and 4). They attended a French-American school in the US. We would very much like to continue our kids' bilingual education in English and French.

We checked the bilingual schools in the area. One of our main concerns is to make sure that our kids are taught by native speakers given that neither English nor French are our mother tongue. From what we have heard, it seems that at Ombrosa there is only a very limited number of native speakers teaching in English.

We would really appreciate your opinion on whether this has had a negative impact on the level of English taught at the school (eg in terms of pronounciation/accent). On the other hand, do you also have any feedback on the level of French that is to be expected from ISL? Do the kids really learn to read and write in French given the limited number of hours taught in that language?

Thanks so much your help!!

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