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Conflict resolution (Lyon)


Hello expat friends, just tell me, who among you has never before been in a conflict situation? who is currently living one? of course, no one likes telling others about it, that is understandable. However, the chances to rid yourself on your own are pretty slim. Conflict resolution is done by you and those who are in conflict with you but not alone! A trusted mediator comes in to structure the process whereby you are going to lay off the weight of the conflict and return to some form of acceptable neutrality and interpersonal communication. Interested? Feel free to contact me, in full confidentiality and without any obligation.
PS Perhaps this does not apply to you right now but it might be of good use to someone that you know. The best way of helping that person is not by trying to "help" but by talking about mediation which is to this day the only fast, efficient and cost effective way of moving out of the conflict situation.

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