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InterNations is a marketing scheme be wary (Lyon)

InterNatiions does not care about it's members is a clever marketing scheme targeting foreigners and profiting on their feelings of isolation and other difficuties they face. They are only interested in getting your money through the membership fees. And if you have been automatically charged for a year membership because you forgot to cancel the the membership you had OR BECAUSE YOU MISSED THE CANCEL DATE OF THE TRIAL MEMBERSHIP, they will not respond to your request to cancel it and refund your money. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE SATISFACTION OF THE PEOPLE FROM WHOM THEY MAKE A PROFIT. iI is a marketing organisation that has created an internet platform not unlike online online dating sites..but unlike ethical businesses they do not care about your satisfaction and will happily entrap you into memberships that you do not want through their automatic membership renewal system. BEWARE I strongly advise members to find other ways to connect with expats, or to create your own groups using free Facebook groups..unless you like giving your money to an anonymous profit oriented group with no CONTACT NUMBER ANYWHERE ON THE SITE. ..and who at base does not care at all about you as a person...who is only after you money through event and membership fees.

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