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Handi Ambassador program (Maastricht)

We human beings are very different. Each and every one of us have some principles and values in us which have been influenced by our family, culture, upbringing and country. We all are effectively ambassadors or representatives of our families, cultural backgrounds and countries. Given the effect of globalization these days, all of us are “globe trotters” and global citizens. In such situation, we need to interact with multicultural people. But how much do we know about those people, about their culture?

At HomeHandi when we started offering food, we realized that it helped in bringing together people from various backgrounds, culture, countries. We offer the finest International dishes with the most

authentic taste. However with that we also wanted to know more about the culture and thoughts of others around us. Thus we started with our Handi Ambassador program.

As a Handi Ambassador, you will of course be able to order HomeHandi food, but with discounts. You refer and win discounts!  But in reality that’s a small part of the program.

The bigger picture is in the cultural connection which we make. You will be given a platform to come and talk/write/comment about your culture, your passion, your thoughts, your likes. Write reviews or write about your thoughts on any topic which you would like to share with others, leave your comments on our website and social media pages. Meet other Handi Ambassadors, cooks and

HomeHandi core team members and talk about your culture/thoughts in our monthly HomeHandi

Get Togethers. Because for us, the most important person is YOU!

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