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Donald Moore
"I met two other Finish expats and even a friend from home on InterNations. A plattform the expat world was waiting for!"
Lotta Koskinen
"With all the help of the expat InterNations community here in Skopje I quickly settled in. It really connects global minds."

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Здраво, and a warm welcome to our expat community in Macedonia! As a leading platform for expatriates all over the world, InterNations is here to help you navigate the many challenges of moving to a new country. Numerous expats in Macedonia have made use of the variety of resources available on our platform during the process of relocating or adapting to life in this distinctive Balkan nation. Simply join InterNations and you can find the answers to some of the fundamental questions you might have about moving abroad. These may include the best places to buy or rent property in Bitola, tipping and bargaining etiquette and finding international schools in Skopje. Our experienced members will be happy to provide full and detailed answers, making InterNations your door to Macedonia's international community. Please also feel free to help us to build our knowledge base by sharing your own experiences! Our aim is to help you to connect with fellow expatriates and successfully integrate into the Macedonian way of life. A friendly and fun-loving culture with a rich and intriguing history, Macedonia offers many pleasures to the adventurous expat, from wandering the old town of Skopje to sampling delicious local flavors at Tikveš Winery.

With InterNations, you never stand alone. Whether you are moving to another country or going on a business trip somewhere — our communities around the world are there to make you feel at home wherever you are. Feel free to check out our vibrant InterNations Communities in countries like Thailand or Canada.

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  • Moving to Macedonia

    Physically moving to Macedonia is relatively easy, thanks to busy international airports and Europe’s well-connected road network. The only difficult part is being brave enough to start a new life abroad in the vibrant country. Find out more about the country, its people, the climate and more in this article.
  • Living in Macedonia

    Macedonia is a small but rich country: its multifaceted architecture and landscape reflect its complex history and create an inspiring and vibrant atmosphere that all expats living in Macedonia are bound to enjoy. Find out more about local transportation, healthcare, etc. in this guide.
  • Working in Macedonia

    Macedonia has been facing a liberalization of markets and consequently a phase of economic growth: the job market reflects this modernization of the economy and some interesting opportunities are available for expats. Read on for more information on the economy, work permits and taxation.

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The stunning and diverse landscapes of Macedonia are among the true hidden gems of the Balkan region. From the mountains of Mavrovo to the breathtaking Lake Ohrid, the Macedonian countryside is an ecologically diverse paradise. In the major cities such as Skopje and Bitola, you'll find a quirky mix of past, present and future, with a welcoming populace and a lively nightlife. Many expats are drawn to opportunities in key industries such as agriculture, construction, ICT, and tourism. Having survived the collapse of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s relatively unscathed, some ethnic and political tensions still hang over the country — particularly around the borders with Kosovo and Albania, but on the whole, foreign residents should enjoy a safe and comfortable experience in this lively and distinct republic.

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InterNations is a unique expat community of members who have gone through an approval process in order to ensure that the InterNations platform remains a safe and secure environment where trust, mutual respect, and an openness towards other cultures are upheld. Please feel free to pose any questions you might have about living in the Republic of Macedonia. These might include practical questions such as road safety in Skopje, transport connections to Serbia, Albania, Greece, Kosovo, and Bulgaria or work permits and taxation. You might also want to broaden your social horizons by attending a Jazz evening in Skopje, practicing sports together with fellow expats, or arranging walking trips around Lake Ohrid through InterNations Groups. We also run regular InterNations Official Events at which you can connect with fellow expats from all over the world over delicious Macedonian food and drinks in an attractive local venue.

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Donald Moore
"I met two other Finish expats and even a friend from home on InterNations. A plattform the expat world was waiting for!"
Lotta Koskinen
"With all the help of the expat InterNations community here in Skopje I quickly settled in. It really connects global minds."

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