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Donald Moore
"I met two other Finish expats and even a friend from home on InterNations. A plattform the expat world was waiting for!"
Lotta Koskinen
"With all the help of the expat InterNations community here in Skopje I quickly settled in. It really connects global minds."

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Dobredojde! Welcome to our expat community in Skopje, capital city of Macedonia! Whether you're relocating to this quirky Balkan city for business opportunities, family reasons, or simply in search of new experiences, InterNations is here to help you to make connections and maneuver through the various challenges you may initially face. Our platform allows you to interact with expats living and working in Skopje and discover the answers to key questions such as the cost living in the city, political sensitivities to be aware of in Macedonia, and what to expect from business etiquette in Skopje. Our community is driven by the shared experiences of our members, so we hope you'll contribute your own insights about living in Skopje when you join InterNations. With a complex, culturally diverse history and an abundance of modern developments, Skopje is one of Europe's most fascinating cities. Curious expats can look forward to an enthusiastic welcome and a vibrant, big-city atmosphere that belies Skopje's relatively small size.

With InterNations, you never stand alone. Whether you move to another city or go on a business trip somewhere — our communities are there to make you feel at home wherever you are in the world. Feel free to also check out our other vibrant InterNations Communities like the ones in Istanbul or Moscow.

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  • Moving to Skopje

    As a young country, the Macedonian economy is still finding its feet, but there are plenty of signs that Skopje could become an important hub for the Balkans. That is convincing a lot of expats to think about moving to Skopje, where especially the banking and logistics centers are growing.
  • Living in Skopje

    Macedonia's rise has made living in Skopje a much more attractive option for expats. The country's capital city has become a hub for the trade, logistics and banking sectors and it also remains an important center for industries such as printing, leather, textiles, and timber.
  • Working in Macedonia

    Macedonia has been facing a liberalization of markets and consequently a phase of economic growth: the job market reflects this modernization of the economy and some interesting opportunities are available for expats. Read on for more information on the economy, work permits and taxation.

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Where else but in Skopje could you expect to see majestic Ottoman temples sitting alongside ornate neo-classical depictions of Alexander the Great and Philip of Macedonia cast in bronze? The capital city of this small Balkan republic has undergone a striking 21st century makeover, transforming it into an ostentatious tourist attraction with a strong sense of history. A former state of Yugoslavia, Macedonia owes its unique cultural blend to centuries of occupation by various world powers — from the Ancient Greeks to the Romans to the Ottoman Empire. Nowhere is this more apparent than when strolling through the streets of Skopje. An increasingly modern and cosmopolitan city, Skopje attracts much foreign investment through key industries such as banking, telecommunications, services, and food processing, with tourism and education also bringing many expats to the city. The sheer diversity on display here, combined with good-humored and friendly locals and a relatively high standard of living marks Skopje as a city with an international profile very much on the rise.

InterNations is the largest global network for expatriates, with communities in 420 cities across the globe. Get to know fellow internationals in your city, before you're moving, or when traveling somewhere and never feel like a stranger. InterNations makes it easy for you to stay in touch with your expat friends, both online and offline, so you can grow your network of friends and contacts from all over the world. Whether they live in Vienna or Jakarta, InterNations allows you to be close to them even if they are miles away.

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Relocating to a new city can be a highly stressful experience, so here at InterNations we're dedicated to making the transition as smooth as possible. When you join InterNations, you can look forward to interacting with numerous fellow Skopje expats in a secure and welcoming environment. Feel free to share any questions or concerns you might have about life in the Macedonian capital — from practicalities such as the best districts to buy or rent an apartment, obtaining a work visa and enrolling your children in an international school, to finding out about social events and activities such as taking a cooking class, joining a local gym, or simply meeting fellow expats for coffee. InterNations also runs regular events where you can mingle with fellow members during a fun and relaxing evening with a friendly atmosphere and the chance to sample a range of delicious local food and drinks.

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Donald Moore
"I met two other Finish expats and even a friend from home on InterNations. A plattform the expat world was waiting for!"
Lotta Koskinen
"With all the help of the expat InterNations community here in Skopje I quickly settled in. It really connects global minds."

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