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Category: Breakout Ambassador

Awarded to a new Ambassador who has performed extremely well in 2017, diving straight into the role and taking it on with genuine enthusiasm and drive.


2017 Winner: Sinta Stepani in São Paulo

2017 Honorable Mention: Jared Spindel and Jonathan Hugo in Phuket


Why She Won

In 2017, we welcomed many new Ambassadors to their respective communities. This year was filled with motivation and lots of success, so this was a particularly difficult category for our jury to determine this year’s Breakout Ambassador. We looked for individuals who are newer to the role, but show great initiative and potential as a leader in their community.

One Jury Member makes the case for Sinta’s win:

“Sinta has been an InterNations Consul for many years and joined the Ambassador team back in February 2017. From the very beginning, she has shown great motivation in developing the São Paulo Community further. She successfully introduced monthly expat events, an event format that helps expats to connect and share similar experiences and challenges in a networking setting. She has also been very involved in the 10th Anniversary Event, contributing to it with great ideas, raffle prizes and a great team spirit. Sinta loves bringing members together and creating a unique experience for them. Her great passion for InterNations has also been shown in taking on the role as Community Team Group Consul. She is a people’s person from the heart and is always aiming to create a wonderful time to remember.”

What motivated you to apply for and take on the role of Ambassador this past year?

Sinta: First of all, I would like to say thank you very much to Mariana Ribeiro — Ambassador of the São Paulo Community — she was the one who introduced the expat events to me. I believe that she saw what I could do with this community, that I could help. We have a great community, with lots of nice people, and she trusted me to help expats integrate into the new country so they can feel at home. I also would like to say thank you very much to Miriam Koschel, what a lovely manager we have here in Latin America. She is helping with all her enthusiasm and ideas, and the way she has treated me since the very first time we talked — she does it all with her heart. I'm so honored to work with her!

When I came to Brazil, there was no way for me to meet new people and create contacts easily and I saw that it was possible to do so with the help of InterNations. I want people to feel happy and at ease. I want them to be comfortable being together, enjoying the company, the place, the food. I have fun and joy being with the InterNations folks and I think that people can feel this. I want them to feel the same.


What do you think was the key to your success in your first year?

Sinta: I did it with all of my heart, and I did it patiently. Being an Ambassador means to serve and not to be served, and if you want people to treat you well, you must do it first, be a good host, be an ice breaker. When I'm responsible for something, I'm 100% committed.


You are great at connecting people, at bringing them together and making them feel part of the group. Could you tell us how you do this? What’s your secret?

Sinta: No secret at all, I think all of the Ambassadors should know how to bring expats together and making them feel part of the group. I always welcome newcomers and try to help them get acquainted with the other members. I scope out the timid type and bring her/him to the other attendees to make that person feel more welcome. Usually I invite other Consuls to introduce themselves and speak about their groups. A caring attitude is very important — we have to give attention to the newcomers. Attending an event for the first time is just like getting a first impression. We are responsible to make them have a very good impression and memory of InterNations.


Congratulations to Sinta, 2017’s Breakout Ambassador, as well as our honorable mentions, Jared Spindel and Jonathan Hugo in Phuket, for taking over into the role and making a difference in their community right from the first moment!


About the winner:

Sinta Stepani, from Indonesia, hosts the monthly expat events in São Paulo. She has been in the role since February 2017. She also helps with the official events whenever necessary and attends the Newcomers’ Event regularly. She is also a Consul of the São Paulo Asian Cuisine Group and the Community Team Group Consul.

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