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Sweet 16: A Look at 16 Changemakers Activities around the World

In the time since our last anniversary, our 50 remarkable Changemakers Groups have continued to be a driving force for positive change in their communities.

From initiatives to protect the environment to supporting and empowering children to fighting hunger, our Changemakers are committed to addressing crucial global issues. For our 16th anniversary, let’s see what our Changemakers have been up to in 16 communities around the world.

From Trees to Seas: Safeguarding Our Environment

Imagine a scenario where you live in a home but don’t take good care of it. Over time, the home would become inhabitable. In the same way, environmental protection is like caring for our home and preserving it for future generations. Below, we highlight some of our Changemakers Groups that took decisive actions to protect their environment.

In June of this year, the Istanbul Changemakers and the Jakarta Changemakers took time out of their weekends to commemorate World Environment Day and World Cleanup Day. The groups in both communities organized cleanup activities.

In a concerted effort to combat climate change and address the decline of national forests in Kenya, the Nairobi Changemakers Group (pictured) came together earlier this year to plant trees in the Ngong Forest. This initiative was a collaborative one, involving not only InterNations members but also children from a local school.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, our Mexico City Changemakers Group combined cultural education with action. During a workshop and tour, members learned about pre-Hispanic agricultural methods and how they’re being used in socio-environmental projects today to benefit the neighborhood of Xochimilco.

Bridging Gaps & Building a Better World for Children

Children hold the key to a sustainable future. But their potential remains untapped if they don’t have access to the right opportunities. To empower children in the best possible way, communities should come together to give them love, education, protection, and support. Let’s take a look at some Changemakers Groups that have worked to support children and their caretakers over the past year.

The Manila Changemakers Group organized a delightful and creative ‘’Paint with Love’’ session at Valley Cathedral Children’s Home. This non-profit organization (NPO) serves as a nurturing sanctuary for children, providing them with a safe and loving environment.

Meanwhile, across the globe in Los Angeles, the Changemakers supported Politi Elementary School by participating in the Reading to Kids Program. The initiative coordinates reading clubs in elementary schools: volunteers read books to the children and assist them with projects.

In a similar spirit of giving back, our Lima Changemakers Group arranged a voluntary teaching activity for different age groups at the Hogar de la Esperanza Mama Victoria. The home offers refuge to children and mothers who have survived physical and psychological abuse.

Venturing on to Buenos Aires, our Changemakers Group there (pictured) collaborated with fellow volunteers to visit newborn babies and mothers in need at the “Isidoro Iriate” Public Hospital in Quilmes. The group also collected essential donations, such as diapers. And, as the chilly embrace of winter descended upon South Africa, the Johannesburg Changemakers Group took action by collecting donations of winter clothes.

Communities Feeding Communities

Food insecurity is a global problem that needs practical solutions. To achieve a zero-hunger world, we all need to work together. So, it should come as no surprise that Changemakers Groups in numerous InterNations Communities have organized activities to fight hunger.

In Copenhagen, our Changemakers regularly get together to cook and serve dinner for the homeless and other people in need at Mother Theresa’s soup kitchen (pictured). Meanwhile, the Izmir Changemakers Group supported a local project called LÖSEV. Volunteers packed food donations in boxes and loaded them onto trucks to be delivered to cancer patients and their families.

Across the Atlantic in New York, our Changemakers Group joined forces with the vegan food relief project Chilis on Wheels to distribute fresh produce, groceries, and vegan meals. The Prague Changemakers Group had a similar idea and arranged a distribution walk throughout the city, providing food and drinks to people in need.

The Dubai Changemakers Group partnered with Classic Catering and the UAE Food Bank to cook, package, and distribute meals to those in need. Similarly, in Kuala Lumpur, our Changemakers joined forces as volunteers for the NGO Dapur Jalanan Kuala Lumpur (DJKL) to support the urban poor by preparing and serving food (pictured below).

Over in Munich, the Changemakers volunteered their time at the Münchner Tafel food bank, becoming active contributors to addressing food insecurity in Munich.

As we celebrate InterNations’ Sweet 16, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of our extraordinary Changemakers. You truly embody the spirit and purpose of InterNations — to cross borders, bridge cultures, and connect global minds.

Thank you for your time, your tireless efforts, and your passion for making a positive impact in your communities … ultimately paving the way for a brighter and better tomorrow.

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