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Intimacy, Relationship & Love-life coaching (Malaga)

Bendy & Dutchy is a sex, sexuality and relationships coaching and advisory service, based in Arboleas, Almeria.

We are a real couple, who encounter many of the same relationship, sexuality and sexual-related problems & dilemmas as other people.

Our experience and education is based, first and foremost, on our first-hand personal experiences of sex, sexuality and relationships, in both our professional careers and private lives.

Individually, we have attained succesful careers in education, social work, and across the sex industry. 'Bendy' is renowned internationally for his sexual activism, contributing to numerous journals and speaking regularly on television, radio and at universities. Together we have been hosting talk show 'SeXpress' on Xpress Radio Scotland.

It is this unique approach that separates us from other 'professionals' who may well know the theory, but often lack the experience.

We never promise to be able to answer all your problems.
We take an entirely non-judgemental and open-minded approach - listen, learn and explore.
Beyond that, we certainly never believe that one-size-fits-all.

We offer affordable rates and flexible arrangements with sessions either in person at our, or your, home in southern Spain, or over Skype, messenger or even email (whatever is convenient and most comfortable for you), wherever in the world you may be.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements, our costs and to arrange an initial appointment.
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