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Making Mew Friends (Manama)

Hey guys!!!! Dia duit (Irish 4 hey ??) , bonjour mes amis, guten tag, ce mai faci??? Comas estas,

So I'm a 24 yr old Irish/paki new doc studying for the US licensing exam and applying to the uk. I was just getting bored so wanted to start a forum here to get a conversation going.... Feel free to chime in with any topics ...

My interests range from Harry Potter -badminton-lifting weights-PlayStation-politics-procrastination (happen to be a guru in that department at this stage ??) - boats -window shopping (yeah kinda weird for a guy to enjoy but lol I'm partial to the "auld fancy watch ogle" every now and then... wasting the staff's time getting their hopes up that I'm going to splurge Protected content for a watch ??..... im not doing a very good job at selling myself at all lol

But yeah feel free to chime in if u just wanna talk and meet new ppl

Peace internation peeps ???

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