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To Rent Or Not To Rent? (Manila)

I have a condo unit that I haven't used yet. Actually, it's still bare. I'm not sure if I should have it rented out or just keep it to myself. I'm a bit afraid to have it rented out because whoever rents it might just trash the place. I was thinking of doing the AirBnB thing but, after the report of that girl in NYC whose apartment got trashed by transients who rented her place from AirBnB, I'm wary now of going that route.

If I rent it out (it's a 3 BR/2 TB unit), what should I put on the lease contract to protect my place from getting trashed? Any ideas or suggestions?

Also, if I rent it out, what should I look out for when it comes to potential tenants? What kind of tenants should I avoid?

Thanks for all the info and help.

Cheers all,

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