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What kind of job do you have in Germany? (Mannheim)

Hello everyone,

I am a recent college graduate from the U.S., living in Germany for the year. I have a B.A. in German and English, have lived in Germany several times, and I'm looking for a way to make it my permanent home. I have tried the teaching English route, and it is just not for me. I am looking more in the direction of International Relations, Business, Economics.

However, I wanted to hear from those of you who are Americans living in Germany. What kind of companies, orangizations, and businesses do you work for? What kind of positions are Americans sought out for? What kinds of skills\positions are there for an American in the German work force? What degree did you have to help you find work in Germany?

I am considering getting a M.A. in International Relations in the U.S., but would like to know how useful this would be in Germany.

I would love to hear your stories!

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