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Mozambique-Nigeria Chamber of Commerce is here. (Maputo)

Mozambique-Nigeria Chamber of Commerce (CAMOZINI)
The Mozambique-Nigeria Chamber of Commerce, a non profit, non political organization, is envisioned as a bridge between the economies and peoples of two great African Nations, Mozambique and Nigeria. It sets out to construct a never before known friendship and cooperation between the two countries, and hopes to re-engineer their relations in order to unleash an unprecedented national growth induced by the bountiful benefits of economic, social, and cultural cooperation on the nations.
CAMOZINI encourages trade ties between these nations, it hopes to facilitate the inflow of Direct Foreign Investment into them, and improve their respective records of intra African balance of trade.
Through exchange programs, B2B Conferences and workshops, sponsored skills acquisition trainings, and in-depth capacity building initiatives, the massive human capital in these nations shall be fully deployed to the “creation of wealth” through the maximization of the entrepreneurial spirit among their peoples, especially among the youth populations.
We take pride in facilitating the procurement of financing contracts for the laudable programs and projects of our members, especially start-ups, and green agricultural projects.
We hope to create wealth also by sharing existing business opportunities in both countries, through regular Investment team tours to Nigeria, Mozambique and vice versa.
CAMOZINI partners with governments to achieve their set goals, aims and objectives, and to ensure the delivery of the benefits of good governance to all citizens, in all corners of the country.
The cardinal points of our vision and scope of operation are in the following areas;
•Investment, promotion of the flow of Direct Foreign Investment.
•Mineral mining and Energy Resources
•Culture, Friendship and International Education. Protected content
Dr. Armah Elibe
Founder / CEO

Maputo Forum