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NEW AMBASSADOR for 2016/2017 (Marrakech)


Hello friends and members,
after discussion with the HQ of IN in Munich we are looking for a new Ambassador in Marrakech Community after my 2 years.. Also it should be a person which lives in Kech. So i should have more time to rise up the Activity groups DinnerNations and City Trotters which are sleeping.
The role as Ambassador is most given for 2 years..
The AMB has not only to look for the booking of the Events, there is more to do. Important is the daily communication with the community. The HQ send to all new members a letter in his name and all answers are coming to him, and he has to reply and help when there are questions. Also the HQ of IN send birthday wishes to all members in his name, and when around 50% thanks for that an send mails back, So the permanent communication with the members is a way of our rules of IN . Our Logo NOW ONE STANDS ALONE has to be followed from the AMB..Also a lot of visitors which come to Kech write for help of jobs, accommodating and hotels this should be answered. very friendly, so they can feel home in the community...
So if there is anyone who is interested to do this next year, it could also be a couple , an Expat woman and a Moroccan friend as well, or a Moroccan woman with an it is in Casa.

So please contact me or the HQ in Munich when there is an interest This could also be a person which i help for some month and do it together with me until she or he can do it alone..

The AMB has also to control the forum so that there are no bad posts and when he has the right to cancel them.. Also permanent advertising should not be posted. On the Events he has to look for an exclusivity and a harmony and when there are members which talk under alcohol or other drugs too aggressive to others members, he can order to cancel them through the HQ. So i hope to find some which are interested..
See you next Event

Greetings from Munich Don Ronaldo.

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