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Private Moroccan Arabic courses for English speake (Marrakech)

Asalamo Alikum, expats. Are you Living, Working or studying in Marrakech city? are you married to a Moroccan man or woman and you would like to be able to communicate with his family? Do you find yourself in situations where you wish you could speak our language? would you like to be able to talk to the taxi drivers, store keepers and read Arabic signs? I can make it easy for you. I would be happy to be your teacher of 'Morrocan Darija'. I am a motorised Morrocan Arabic teacher at your disposal with a well-developed program and affordable price. I can come teach you anywhere in Marrakech and I won’t teach you only conversations just like some people do . I will teach you Everything you need to know: Alphabet, phonetics, grammar, tenses, conversations, commonly used vocabulary, daily routines and more. In less than two weeks you will be able to write and read classical Arabic as well.
For more information feel free to send me an e-mail or call me in the following number Protected content .
Thank you.