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Questions from a newbie (Marrakech)

I have not been active in your activites so far since I am not yet living in Marrakech. I am tentatively planning to retire there and I have a number of questions. I would be grateful to any of you for sending answers to at least some of them. I have visited Marrakech several times and have traveled a bit around Morocco, but I have not spent a long time there. Are there regular activiite around town such as concerts, cinema, or whatever? Where do most of you live? Does anyone live in the Medina? What about health care - I am sure everyday stuff should be fine, but something like a broken leg? Car accident? I have lived in the Arab world, so I am not concerned about my safety, but as a single woman I am wondering about the protocol of eating in a restaurant by myself or other activities like that. I assume that I could manage in Marrakech without a car and use taxis would that be correct? So, that is enough for now. I look forward to meeting you.

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