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Secondary schools in Melbourne

First post here :)

We (husband, 12 yr old son and myself) have applied for Australian PR and are waiting for the response. In the meantime we are doing our research on the place.

With regards to the schools and their catchment areas, where should I start? How do I know what the school zones are? I have checked some of the school websites...but don't understand it (yeah...duh...). Is there an easier way?

Also, will they consider us without a rental contract? Cos how can we finalise a lease without conformation from the school?

Also, will they accept our boy in July as he will complete his current academic year in June?

Are there zones for the selective entry schools as well...Melbourne High School?

What is the average annual fee/costs at the public schools?

Not sure how all this will work out for him...any help will be appreciated.

Thanks guys :)

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